Icelandair B752 near Glasgow on Nov 17th 2013, engine shut down in flight


An Icelandair Boeing 757-200, registration TF-FIU performing flight FI-431 from Glasgow,SC (UK) to Keflavik (Iceland) with 170 passengers, had just reached cruise level 370 about 120nm northnorthwest of Glasgow when the crew declared emergency reporting the failure of the right hand engine. The engine was shut down, the crew turned the aircraft back towards Glasgow and landed safely on Glasgow's runway 23 about 30 minutes later.

Passengers reported that the captain initially "radioed" the Mayday call on the PA, audible to all passengers, instead via radio to ATC.

A replacement Boeing 757-200 registration TF-FIV departed early the following morning (04:00L) and reached Keflavik with a delay of 15 hours.
Źródło: avherald
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