Global Airlift A748 at Panyagor on Nov 14th 2014, landed short of runway


A Global Airlift Hawker Siddeley HS-748, registration 5Y-BVQ performing a charter cargo flight from Juba to Panyagor (South Sudan) with 3 crew, was on approach to Panyagor when the crew reported problems with the landing gear. The aircraft subsequently touched down short of the runway and was damaged beyond repair. The two pilots were killed in the accident, a mechanics in the back of the aircraft was taken to a hospital with injuries.

There is no word on the extent of the injuries.

Local Authorities reported the aircraft was carrying non-food cargo when it came down, the cause of the accident is unclear.

Panyagor Airstrip (neither IATA nor ICAO code assigned) is located about 150nm north of Juba, location and runway details are unknown, satellite images are inconclusive to the location of the airstrip.
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