UTAir B735 at Astrakhan on Nov 24th 2013, unsafe nose gear


A UTAir Boeing 737-500, registration VP-BVZ performing flight UT-377 from Moscow Vnukovo to Astrakhan (Russia), was on approach to Astrakhan when the crew after lowering the landing gear did not receive a down and locked indication for the nose gear and went around. The aircraft entered a hold to work the relevant checklists but were unable to resolve the problem. The crew subsequently performed a low approach to Astrakhan to have the landing gear checked from the ground, observers on the ground advised the nose gear appeared to be in its normal extended position. The aircraft subsequently landed safely in Astrakhan with the crew holding the nose up as long as practical. The aircraft stopped on the runway, passengers deplaned normally onto the runway and were bussed to the terminal.

A replacement Boeing 737-500 registration VP-BXR performed the return flight UT-378 with a delay of 6 hours.

Źródło: avherald
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