Porter DH8D near Toronto on Nov 5th 2013, hydraulic failure

A Porter Airlines de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration C-GLQM performing flight PD-688 from Sault Ste. Marie,ON to Toronto City,ON (Canada) with 35 people on board, was enroute when the crew received a caution indication for the right hand engine's (PW150A) engine driven pump. While working the associated checklists the associated hydraulic pressure and quantity indications fell to zero. The crew consulted with dispatch, determined the longer runways at Toronto's International Airport would be needed and decided to divert to Toronto's Lester Pearson International Airport. The landing gear was extended using the alternate extension, nose wheel steering was not available. The crew requested a hotspot inspection of the right hand engine requiring emergency services on standby for the landing but did not declare emergency. The aircraft landed safely on Pearson Airport's runway 15L and stopped on the runway, the right hand engine was inspected by emergency services. The aircraft was subsequently towed to the apron.

The Canadian TSB reported that the #2 engine's driven hydraulic pump had suffered an internal catastrophic failure which even ruptured the pump's case. All hydraulic fluid was lost through the rupture. The pump was replaced and the system flushed. A teardown report by the pump manufacturer is requested, the airline filed a service difficulty report.


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