Delta B764 over Labrador Sea on Nov 8th 2013, engine shut down in flight


A Delta Airlines Boeing 767-400, registration N836MH performing flight DL-41 from London Heathrow,EN (UK) to Minneapolis,MN (USA), was enroute over the Atlantic Ocean when the crew received a low oil quantity indication for the right hand engine's (CF6), worked the relevant checklists and continued to monitor the engine's oil quantity and pressure indications. When the indications continued to decrease the crew consulted with dispatch and decided to divert to Goose Bay,NL (Canada). The crew subsequently declared emergency reporting a gear box problem to ATC, shut the engine down near position N59 W60 and landed safely at Goose Bay about one hour after declaring emergency.

The Canadian TSB reported that the engine needed to be replaced.

A replacement Boeing 767-400 registration N840MH reached Minneapolis with a delay of 8:15 hours.
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