Delta B744 at Manila on Nov 23rd 2013, engine shut down in flight


A Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400, registration N670US performing flight DL-172 from Manila (Philippines) to Tokyo Narita (Japan), was climbing out of Manila's runway 06, when engine #4 (PW4056, outboard right) emitted a bang and streaks of blue flames prompting the crew to level off at FL170 and enter a hold. The crew worked the checklists, shut the engine down and returned to Manila for a safe landing on runway 06 about 30 minutes after departure, the crew requested emergency service to check out the right hand outboard engine for any indications of smoke, the crew stated they did not receive any engine fire indication.

Passengers reported the engine emitted a bang and streaks of blue flames. They were later told that maintenance found a turbine inlet vane had fractured causing the engine failure.

The flight was cancelled.
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