Cargojet B722 at Winnipeg on Nov 19th 2013, runway excursion on landing

A Cargojet Boeing 727-200, registration C-GCJD performing cargo flight W8-573 from Hamilton,ON to Winnipeg,MB (Canada) with 3 crew, landed on Winnipeg's runway 18 touching down on the center line at 03:02L (09:02Z), but drifted off the centerline towards the left runway edge about 5000 feet down the runway, the left main gear departed the runway surface at about 20 knots over ground. The aircraft sustained no damage.

The Canadian TSB reported the crew provided testimony they then intentionally taxied off the runway surface in order to avoid damaging the runway lighting, then taxied back onto the runway surface and to the gate. The TSB reported the winds from 130 degrees at 15-20 knots, the runway condition at the time of the occurrence was "1311190454 CYWG RSC 18/36 180 FT CL 20 PCT COMPACTED SN, 80 PCT BARE AND DRY. REMAINING WIDTH 100 PCT COMPACTED SN."

CYWG 191200Z 15018KT 15SM OVC120 M05/M08 A2995 RMK AC8 SLP158
CYWG 191100Z 13017KT 15SM OVC120 M06/M08 A2997 RMK AC8 PRESFR SLP166
CYWG 191000Z 14017G22KT 15SM BKN130 M07/M08 A3001 RMK AC7 SLP181
CYWG 190900Z 13015G20KT 15SM DRSN FEW010 BKN140 M07/M09 A3005 RMK SF1AC6 SLP192
CYWG 190800Z 13014G20KT 15SM DRSN FEW010 OVC100 M07/M09 A3007 RMK ST1AC7 SLP198
CYWG 190700Z 14020KT 15SM BKN009 OVC140 M07/M09 A3011 RMK SF5AC3 WND ESTD SLP213
CYWG 190600Z 13017KT 15SM OVC008 M08/M09 A3012 RMK ST8 SLP218
CYWG 190500Z 14014KT 15SM OVC009 M08/M10 A3014 RMK ST8 SLP223
CYWG 190400Z 14011KT 15SM OVC010 M08/M10 A3017 RMK ST8 SLP234
CYWG 190300Z 15009KT 15SM OVC010 M08/M10 A3017 RMK ST8 SLP234

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