Austral E190 at Buenos Aires on Nov 15th 2013, overran runway on landing

An Austral Embraer ERJ-190 on behalf of Aerolineas Argentinas, registration LV-CKZ performing flight AU-2255/AR-2255 from Rio de Janeiro,RJ (Brazil) to Buenos Aires,BA (Argentina) with 96 passengers, landed on Ezeiza Airport's runway 11 at 05:45L (08:45Z) but overran the end of the runway and came to a stop just after the nose of the aircraft had gone through the localizer antenna about 220 meters/730 feet past the runway end. No injuries occurred, the localizer antenna received substantial damage, the damage to the aircraft needs to be assessed.

The airport reported at the time of the incident a cold front passed over the aerodrome.

The airline reported the aircraft went off the runway due to a sudden change in wind direction and speed. No injuries occurred, the passengers disembarked and were taken to the terminal.

SAEZ 151000Z 17016KT 140V200 9999 FEW012 OVC060 16/13 Q1005
SAEZ 150932Z 21019G30KT 9999 FEW010 OVC045 17/16 Q1004
SAEZ 150916Z 20017KT 6000 -RA FEW010 BKN035 OVC060 17/16 Q1004
SAEZ 150900Z 19014KT 160V240 3000 RA FEW010 SCT020 OVC050 16/16 Q1004
SAEZ 150846Z 25020G34KT 3000 RA SCT004 BKN010 OVC060 19/18 Q1005
SAEZ 150800Z 11002KT 9000 -RA SCT010 BKN070 19/18 Q1002
SAEZ 150745Z 08005KT 060V120 7000 -RA BKN015 OVC070 18/18 Q1002 RETS
SAEZ 150700Z 20006KT 4000 -TSRA BKN005 FEW045CB OVC060 18/18 Q1003
SAEZ 150600Z 17005KT 160V220 4000 -TSRA BKN007 FEW045CB OVC060 20/19 Q1003
SAEZ 150542Z 34005KT 290V360 3000 TSRA BKN008 BKN013 FEW040CB 20/19 Q1004
SAEZ 150515Z 24010KT 190V250 9000 -TSRA BKN011 FEW045CB BKN060 20/18 Q1004
SAEZ 150500Z 20008KT 9999 VCTS BKN044 FEW045CB OVC100 20/18 Q1002
SAEZ 150425Z 23010KT 200V270 9999 VCTS FEW009 SCT018 FEW040CB BKN060 20/18 Q1002 RETSRA
SAEZ 150400Z 24016G35KT 210V270 8000 TSRA FEW018 FEW040CB BKN070 25/19 Q1002

LV-CKZ stuck in the localizer antenna (Photo: Juan Martín Cornejo):

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