Lufthansa A321 near Stuttgart on Nov 13th 2014, burning odour on board


A Lufthansa Airbus A321-200, registration D-AISV performing flight LH-2505 from Manchester,EN (UK) to Munich (Germany) with 82 passengers and 7 crew, was enroute at FL390 overhead of Frankfurt/Main Airport (Germany) when the crew decided to divert to Stuttgart (Germany) 90nm south of their position due to a burning odour on board of the aircraft followed by haze in cockpit and cabin. The captain donned the oxygen mask, the aircraft landed safely on Stuttgart's runway 25 about 19 minutes later. Emergency services did not need to intervene.

Maintenance determined there had been a fire in the electronic compartment at the brakes controls which extinguished by itself.

The airline confirmed the aircraft diverted to Stuttgart due to an unusual odour on board, the passengers were bussed to Munich.
Źródło: avherald
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