Jazz DH8A near Sudbury on Nov 15th 2013, audio control not a non-smoker


A Jazz de Havilland Dash 8-100, registration C-GONR performing flight QK-7819 from Toronto,ON to Sudbury,ON (Canada) with 35 people on board, had just left cruise level to descend towards Sudbury when smoke was detected in cabin and cockpit. The crew donned their oxygen masks, advised passengers to follow instructions by the flight attendants but did not declare emergency. The aircraft continued for a safe landing at Sudbury about 22 minutes later, emergency services attended the aircraft and confirmed there was no trace of fire or heat. The aircraft taxied to the apron, where passengers disembarked normally.

The Canadian TSB reported that maintenance subsequently found the circuit breakers for the audio control panel #1 tripped. Upon resetting the circuit breakers the audio control panel resumed smoking prompting maintenance to replace the audio control panel. Subsequent tests confirmed the new audio control panel was serviceable and a non-smoker.

Źródło: avherald
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