Alitalia A320 at Budapest on Jul 27th 2013, flight control problems


An Alitalia Airbus A320-200, registration EI-DSA performing flight AZ-479 from Budapest (Hungary) to Rome Fiumicino (Italy) with 124 passengers and 6 crew, was climbing out of Budapest's runway 13L, when the crew requested to level off at 6000 feet and enter a hold. While intercepting the hold the crew declared PAN later explaining they had a problem with the flight controls. The crew advised they needed the longest runway available, runway 13L, requested a 16nm long final and advised they didn't expect a problem for landing. The aircraft landed safely on runway 13L about 45 minutes after departure.

The flight was cancelled.

On Jul 30th 2013 the French BEA reported in their weekly bulletin that the crew received "F/CTL STAB JAM" and "F/CTL ELAC 2 PITCH FAULT" messages. Hungary's KBSZ have opened an investigation into the occurrence rated a serious incident.

On Nov 22nd 2013 Hungary's KBSZ reported the aircraft was climbing through about 4000 feet at 210 knots when the crew selected the flaps to 0 and almost immediately afterwards the autopilot disconnected. In sequence following ECAM messages appeared: "F/CTL ELAC 2 PITCH FAULT, AUTO FLT AP OFF, F/CLT ELAC 1 PITHC FAULT, F/CTL ALTN LAW, F/CTL STABILIZER JAM". The crew levelled off at 6000 feet, entered a hold and worked the checklists identifying the primary failure was F/CTL STABILIZER JAM. The crew subsequently requested the longest runway available and landed on Budapest's runway 13L.
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