Wizz A320 at Debrecen on Aug 29th 2013, rejected takeoff due to runway incursion


A Wizz Air Airbus A320-200, registration HA-LWV performing flight W6-7851 from Debrecen (Hungary) to London Luton,EN (UK) with 181 passengers and 6 crew, was preparing for departure when the crew requested a runway inspection prior to their departure reporting they had observed high concentration of birds while landing at Debrecen. The aircraft subsequently taxied to the runway and was cleared to line up and wait runway 05R. A follow me vehicle was on the runway at that time inspecting the runway and driving birds away. The follow me vacated the runway at the end of the runway and the Wizz Air A320 was cleared for takeoff. However, a mid sized flock of birds was observed to settle again about mid of the runway, the crew therefore radioed they would delay takeoff until the birds had gone away. Tower acknowledged, no further transmission occurred. About 30-40 seconds later the birds "vacated" the runway and the crew began the takeoff roll. While accelerating through about 50 knots one of the pilots spotted a car, presumably the follow me vehicle, on the runway, the takeoff was rejected.

On Nov 22nd 2013 Hungary's KBSZ reported the occurrence was rated a serious incident, an investigation has been opened. The follow me vehicle had turned around after vacating the runway, entered the runway again without clearance and was driving towards the aircraft to scare the birds away again. The vehicle vacated the runway at about the mid point just at the time when the aircraft rejected takeoff. The minimum distance between aircraft and vehicle was about 800-1000 meters.

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