TAP B190 at Malaga on Oct 27th 2013, near collision with private aircraft


A TAP Air Portugal (Portugalia Express) Beech 1900D, registration CS-TMU performing flight TP-1075 from Malaga,SP (Spain) to Lisbon (Portugal) with 17 passengers and 2 crew, was departing Malaga's runway 13. Shortly after becoming airborne the crew observed a private aircraft crossing the departure track out of runway 13 forcing the crew to take an evasive maneouver by turning left. The aircraft subsequently continued to Lisbon for a safe landing.

Spain's CIAIAC opened an investigation into the occurrence reporting a private Rockwell Commander was on a low level VFR flight and crossed the extended center line of runway 13 without clearance. The separation between the two aircraft reduced to 0.2nm with the Rockwell Commander being about 225 feet above the Beech 1900.

Źródło: avherald
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