Southwest B737 near Raleigh/Durham on Nov 12th 2013, loss of cabin pressure

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700, flight WN-3426 from Tampa,FL to Raleigh/Durham,NC (USA) with 96 passengers and 5 crew, was enroute at FL410 about 180nm southwest of Raleigh/Durham when the crew initiated an emergency descent to 10,000 feet (average rate of descent 3840 fpm) due to the loss of cabin pressure. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Raleigh/Durham's runway 05R about 30 minutes later.

Passengers complained that the flight crew announced "we are going down" causing quite some commotion and fear amongst the passengers. Cabin crew subsequently indicated the oxygen masks might come down, however were not released.

The airline reported the crew received a maintenance indication and descended the aircraft to 25,000 feet where the issue was resolved. The remainder of the flight was without further incident.

Two days later the airline said with respect to the captain's announcement the airline explained the captain wanted to alert the cabin crew of the imminent descent but inadvertently activated the passenger PA system.

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