British Airways B772 over Atlantic on Nov 14th 2013, burning smell in cabin

A British Airways Boeing 777-200, registration G-VIIS performing flight BA-173 from London Heathrow,EN (UK) to New York JFK,NY (USA), was enroute at FL380 over the Atlantic about one hour into the crossing when the crew declared PAN reporting a burning smell in the cabin and requested to turn around and divert to Shannon (Ireland). The aircraft initially maintained FL380 and set course towards Shannon later descending to FL360. Already on VHF about 120nm from Shannon the crew indicated they didn't need assistance by emergency services at Shannon, they expected a normal landing below max landing weight and expected to directly taxi to the apron. The aircraft landed safely on Shannon's runway 24 about 90 minutes after declaring PAN.

A replacement Boeing 777-200 registration G-YMMG reached New York with a delay of 7:40 hours.

G-VIIS at the gate in Shannon:

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