Aigle Azur A320 enroute on Nov 15th 2013, turbulence injures 2 cabin crew


An Aigle Azur Airbus A320-200, registration F-HBIB performing flight ZI-744 from Constantine (Algeria) to Basel/Mulhouse (Switzerland/France) with 178 people on board, was enroute at FL340, about 10 minutes prior to reaching the top of descent to Basel, when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing altitude deviations of about 100 feet and minor injuries to two flight attendants. The aircraft continued to Basel for a safe landing about 50 minutes later. The injured flight attendants and a female passenger, pregnant in her fifth month and feeling expulsive pains following the stir after the turbulence, were taken to a hospital.
Źródło: avherald
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