A alfa

A : Ampere
A : Austria
A SMGCS : Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems
A/C, a/c : Aircraft
A/D : Analog-to-Digital
A/D Converter : Analogue-to Digital Converter
A/G : Air-Ground
A/I : Accident(s)/Incident(s)
A/L : Auto Land
A/P : Autopilot
AA : Approved agency
AAA : Advanced ATC System Amsterdam / Contrôle régional avancé d'Amsterdam (F)
AAAVTAG : Azienda Autonoma Assistenza al Volo per il Traffico Aereo Generale (IT)
AAC : Alpha Attenuation Coefficient
AAC : Aeronautical Administrative Communications
AACE : Airfield Approach Control Element
AACI : Airports Association Council International
AACO : Arab Air Carriers Organisation
AAF : ATM Added Functions
AAFCE : Allied Air Forces Central Europe
AAFG : ATM Added Functionality Sub-Group
AAG : AIS Automation Group (EANPG)
AAGDI / AGADE : Automated Air/Ground Data Interchange 
AAH : Autonomous Aircraft Hybrid
AAIM : Aircraft Autonomous Integrity Monitoring
AAIS : Automated AIS
AALS : Advanced Approach and Landing System
AAM : Airline Administration Message
AAP : Advanced Automation Program (USA)
AAR : Air-to-Air Refuelling
AAS : Advanced Automation System (USA)
AASI : Aeronautical Applications Service Interface
AASR : Airways and Airport Surveillance Radar
AAT : Alpha Attenuation Test
AATMS : Advanced Air Traffic Management System
AAUI : Aeronautical Applications User Interface
AB : Action Button (mouse)
ABAS : Aircraft-based Augmentation System (EGNOS)
ABC : ATC Bypass Complex (MADAP)
ABFG : ATM Basic Functions Sub-Group
ABI : Advance Boundary Information (OLDI message)
ABPSK : Aviation Binary Phase Shift Keying
AC : Alternating Current
AC : Assessment Centre
AC : Assistant Controller
AC : Advisory Circular
ACA : Air Traffic Centre Architecture (RADNET)
ACA : Airport Co-ordinators Association
ACA : Airspace Control Activity
ACA : AUP / UUP Composition application (software)
Acad : Academic establishments
ACAD : Auto Computer Aided Design (Operator-Input + Display System)
ACAG : Airspace Co-ordination Agencies
ACAM : Airport Capacity Airside Modelling
ACARS : Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System
ACAS : Airborne Collision Avoidance System / Système anticollision embarqué (F)
ACAS I : Aircraft Collision Avoidance System Version 1
ACAS II : Aircraft Collision Avoidance System Version 2
ACAS III : Aircraft Collision Avoidance System Version 3
ACASA : ACAS Analysis
ACATF : ATC Centre Communications Architecture Task Force
ACC : Area Control Centre / Centre de Control Régional (=CCR)
ACC Controller : Area Controller
ACC Loop : Anticipation-Action-Comparison Loop
ACCA : Air Charters Carriers Association
ACCATF : Equipe spéciale "Architecture des communications des centres ATC" (F)
ACCEL : Accelerate
ACCESS : Aircraft Control Console for Experiments and Simulations Studies
ACC-PC : ACC Planning Controller
ACCS : Air Command and Control System (NATO)
ACC-TC : ACC Tactical Controller
ACDMD : Air Collaborative Decision Making Demonstrator
ACE : Allied Command Europe
ACE : Altimeter Control Equipment
ACE : Association des Compagnies Aériennes de la Communauté Européenne (F)
ACE : ATC Communications Environment
ACF : Avion de Combat Futur (F)
ACF : Area Control Facility.
ACFT : Aircraft
ACG : Advanced ATS Concept Group
ACG : Advanced Concept Group (Eurocontrol)
ACG : ATM/CNS Consultation Group / Groupe consultatif ATM/CNS (F)
ACG : ATS System Concept Working Group
ACG : Austro Control GmbH
ACH : ATC Flight Plan Change Message (IFPS)
ACH : ATC Flight Plan Change (CFMU)
ACI : Airports Council International
ACI : Area of Common Interest (SYSCO)
ACID : Aircraft Identification (ICAO)
ACK : Acknowledge(ment) message
ACL : ATC Clearances
ACM : Acceptance of (Radar) Co-ordination Message
ACM : Airspace Control Measures
ACM : ATC Communication Management
ACMS : Aircraft Condition Monitoring System
ACN : Aircraft Classification Number
ACN : Airspace Co-ordination Notification
ACN : Austrian Communication Network
ACO : Airspace Co-ordination Order
ACOC : Agence Civile OTAN du Temps de Guerre (F)
ACOD : Area Conflict Detection
ACP : Abri Contrôle de Piste (F)
ACP : Accept Message (OLDI)
ACP : Acceptance Message
ACP : African, Caribbean and Pacific States
ACP : Aircraft Control Position (window)
ACP : Airspace Control Plan
ACP : Airspace Crossing Acceptance Message
ACP : Allied Communications Publication
ACP : Azimuth Change/Count Pulses
ACP : Area Control Procedural
ACPO : Aircraft Position Operator
ACPSC : Advisory Committee on Procurement and Sales Contracts (Eurocontrol/DF)
ACR : Atlantic Co-ordinated Route
ACS : Advanced Communication System (EEC)
ACS : Airspace Control System
ACS : Area Control Surveillance
ACSA : Allied Communications Security Agency
ACSE : Application Control Service Element
ACT : Activation message designator (OLDI)
ACT/LAM : Activation Message / Logical Acknowledgement Message
ACTF : Aeronautical Charting Task Force
ACU : Airspace / Antenna Control Unit.
AD : Administrative Domain (ENOC)
AD : Aerodrome
AD : Air Defence
AD : Airworthiness Directive
ADA : High Order Programming Language
ADAGES : Action Plan Definition on the Basis of Architecture studies from GAAS for EATMS
ADAP : Automated Downlink of Airborne Parameters
ADAPT : ATS Data Acquisition, Processing and Transfer Panel (ICAO)
ADC : Air Defence Centre / Command
ADC : Air Data Computer
ADC : Analog to Digital Converter
ADCA : Air Defence Classification Area
ADCE : Aircraft Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment
ADCP : Air Defence Command Post
ADD : Architectural Design Document (EATMS)
ADD : Average Delay per Delayed Flight
ADDI : Automated Digital Data Interchange (ICAO)
ADE : Air Defence Element
ADE : Autonomous Display Equipment
ADEG : ATS Data Exchange Group
ADEP : Aerodrome of Departure
ADES : Aerodrome of Destination
ADEXA : Air Defence Exercise Area
ADEXP : ATS Data Exchange Presentation (message format used for IFPS) ; ATS Data Exchange Program Format ; ATS Data Exchange Protocol Format / Protocole d'Echange de Données ATS (F)
ADF : Automatic Direction Finding System*
ADFL : Augmented Dynamic Flight Leg
ADGE : Air Defence Ground Environment
ADI : Aerodrome Control Instrument
ADI : Attitude Display Indicator
ADIDS : Advanced Data & Image Distribution System (CCTV Application)
ADIRS : Air Data Inertial Reference System
ADIS (P) : Automated Data Interchange System (Panel) - ICAO
ADIZ : Air Defence Identification Zone
ADKAR : Abgesetzte Darstellung von KARLDAP Radardaten (DE)
ADLP : Airborne Data Link Processor
ADM : Administrative / Administration
ADM : Average Delay per Movement
ADM : Airborne Data Bus
ADMD : Airspace Data Management & Distribution
ADNC : Air Defence Notification Centre (GR)
ADNS : Aeronautical Radio Incorporated Data Network Service
ADOC : Air Defence Operations Centre
ADOLT : Air Defence Liaison Team
ADORA : Analysis and Definition of the Operational Requirements for ATM
ADP : Activity Predictor Display
ADP : Aéroport de Paris (F)
ADP : Automated Data Processing or Auxiliary Data Processing
ADPG : ATM Data Processing Sub-Group
ADR : Advisory Route
ADR : Air Data Reference
ADR : Airfield Damage Repair
ADR : Average Delay per Regulated Flight
ADREP : Accident/Incident Reporting System
ADRS : Air Defence Radar Site
ADS : Automatic Dependent Surveillance
ADS-A : Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Addressed
ADS-B : Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast
ADS-C : Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract
ADS-P : Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Panel (ICAO)
ADS-R : Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Report
ADSEL : Address Selective SSR System (UK)
ADSIA : Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency
ADSP : ADS Processor
ADT : Approved Departure Time
ADTI : Additional Technical Information (ODS - ESCO)
ADUG : Airport Database User Group
ADV : Aerodrome Control Visual
ADVON : Advanced Echelon
AE : ATM Engineering
AE : Application Entity
AEA : Association of European Airlines
AECG : ACAS Evaluation and Co-ordination Group (EATCHIP)
AECMA : Association Européenne de Constructeurs de Matériel Aérospatial (F)
AEEC : Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee
AEFMP : Algeria, Spain, France, Maroc, Portugal Project
AEGIS : Airborne Early Warning Ground Environment Integrated Segment
AEGIS : ATM European Group for Improvement of Scenarios
AEG-TFK : AEG-Telefunken
AENA : Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegatión Aérea (ES) / Spanish Airport and Air navigation Administration
AERA : Automated En-Route Air Traffic Control
AEREA : Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics
AES : Aircraft / Airborne Earth Station (ICAO - ADS)
AES : ATC Engineering Section
AES : Automatic Enhanced Surveillance
AEV : Annual Equivalent Value
AEW : Airborne Early Warning
AEWPD : Adapted EATM Work Programme Document
AF : Air Force
AF : Audio Frequency (VCS)
AF : DME Arc to a Fix (ARINC 424 Path Terminator)
AFAS : Aircraft in the Future ATM System
AFAST : Active Final Approach Spacing Tool
AFB : Air Force Base
AFC : Airport Facilities Control (ICAO)
AFC : ATC Frequency Change (service)
AFCNF : Air Force Central NOTAM Facility (USA)
AFCS : Automatic Flight Control System
AFD : Associated Flight Details
AFFSC (E) : Air Forces Flight Safety Committee (Europe)
AFG : Advisory Financial Group (ex-FCG/Eurocontrol) / Groupe Financier de consultation (F)
AFI : Africa-Indian Ocean Region (ICAO)
AFIL : Air Filed Flight Plan (CFMU)
AFIS : Airport/Aerodrome Flight Information Service
AFISO : Aerodrome Flight information Service Officer
AFL : Actual Flight Level
AFL : Assigned Flight Level
AFMS : Advanced Flight Management System
AFMSG : Audit and Financial Matters Sub-Group
AFN : Air Traffic Services Facilities Notification (FANS)
AFNOR : Association Française de Normalisation (F)
AFP : Active Flight Plan Processing
AFP : ATC Flight Plan Proposal
AFPA : Automated Flight Plan to Track Association
AFPL : ADEXP Filed Flight Plan (CFMU)
AFS : Advanced Functional Simulator
AFS : Aeronautical Fixed Services
AFSATCOM : Airborne Satellite Communication
AFSBW : Amt für Flugsicherung der Bundeswehr (DE)
AFTN : Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network
AFUU : Association Française des Utilisateurs d'Unix (F)
AFW : Area Flows Window
AGA : Aerodromes and Ground Aids
AGARD : Advisory Group on Aeronautical Research and Developments (NATO)
AGC : Automatic Gain Control (VCS)
AGCS : Air-Ground Communication System
AGCSG : Air/Ground Communication Sub-Group Meeting
AGDC : Air/Ground Data Communications
AGDC-SG : Air/Ground Data Communications Sub Group.
AGDC-TF : Air/Ground Data Communications-TF (ODT)
AGDL : Air-Ground Data Link
AGDLS : Air-Ground Data Link System
Agency : The Eurocontrol Agency
AGL : Above Ground Level
AGLAE : Air-Ground Data Link Applications Experimentation (F)
AGN : Agenda
AGOD : Advisory Group on Deliverables
AGR : Agreement
AGSG : Air / Ground Data Communication Sub group
AGVC-SG : Air/Ground Voice Communication Sub Group
AHDG : Assigned Heading
AHEAD : Automation and Harmonisation of European Aeronautical Data
AHGSO : Ad Hoc Group of Senior Officials
AHMI : Airborne Human Machine Interface
AHRS : Attitude and Heading Reference System
AI : Artificial Intelligence
AIB : Aeronautical Information Bulletin (EAD)
AIC : Aeronautical Information Circular
AICB : Air Initiated Comm-B Protocol
AICG : Ab Initio Co-ordination Group
AICG : ACAS Implementation Co-ordination Group
AICG : Airport Interface Co-ordination Group
AICM : Aeronautical Information Conceptual Model (EAD)
AID : Aid or Aircraft Identification
AIDA : Aeronautical Information and Data handling Austria
AIDC : ATS Interfacility Data Communications (ICAO)
AIDS : Aircraft Integrated Data System
AIG : ACAS Implementation Group ; Automatic Input Generation
AIG : Accident Investigation [and Prevention_
AIL : Aeronautical Item Location Bank (ODS)
AIM : ATFM Information Message (IFPS)
AIM-FANS : Airbus Interoperable Modular FANS
AIMS : Aircraft Integrated Monitoring (Information Management) System
AIP : Aeronautical Information Publication
AIPN : Appointing authority / Autorité investie du pouvoir de nomination (F)
AIR : Armament Initiative and Requirements
AIR 4653 : Aerospace Information Report 4653 - (Flight Management Systems Review)
AIR : Air Control
AIRAC : Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control
AIRCOM : Aircraft Communications
AIREP : Air-Report (ICAO)
AIRMET : Air Meteorological Information Report
AIRPROX : The code word used in air traffic incident report to designate aircraft proximity (ICAO)
AIS : Aeronautical Information Services (ICAO) / Service d'Information Aéronautique (=SIA) (F)
AISAP : AIS Automation Specialist Panel
AISAS : Aeronautical Information Services Automated System
AISC : Aeronautical Mobile Communications System Panel
AISC : Aeronautical Industry Service Communication
AISG : AIS Automation Group
AISPOP : AIS Planning and Operations Subgroup
AISS : Aeronautical Information Server System (ODS)
AIS-TF : AIS Training Task Force
AISU : Aeronautical Information Service Unit
AITSC : Administrative IT Steering Committee
AIXM : Aeronautical Information Exchange Model
AKARD : Available Knowledge And required system Research and Development
AL : Aircraft Label
AL : Albania
AL : Alerting Service
ALB : Alternative Label
ALCC : Airlift Central Co-ordination Centre
ALCE : Airlift Control Element
ALCM : Air Launched Cruise Missile
ALD : Airlift Division
ALENA : North American Free Trade Agreement (=NAFTA)
Alert : Alert phase
ALIM : Altitude Limit (Positive RA Altitude Threshold)
ALLA : Allied Long Lines Agency
ALMC : Airlift Movement Cell
ALO : Air Force Liaison Officer
ALRT : Alert
ALS : Architecture Layer Structure (ISO)
ALS : Automatic Line Switch (RMCDE)
ALS : Automatizovany Letisni System (CZ) / Automated Airport System
ALT : Airborne Link Terminal
ALTRV : Altitude Reservation System
AM : Airspace Management
AM : Amplitude Modulation
AM : Armenia
AM : Arrival Manager
AM : Attribute Modification
AMA : Airlift Management Agency
AMAN : Arrival Manager (APATSI)
AMC : Airspace Management Cell
AMC : ATC Microphone Check (service)
AMC/CADF : Airspace Management Cell - ECAC Centralised Airspace Data Function
AMCP : Aeronautical Mobile Communication Panel (ICAO)
AMD : Administrative Management Domain
AMD : Arrival manager Display
AMDP : Airspace Management Data Processing
AMDP-TF : EATCHIP Airspace Management Data Processing Task Force
AMDT : Amendment (ICAO)
AMDWP : Aeromedical Working Party
AME : ATM Message Exchange
AMEG : Air Miss Evaluation Group (D)
AMHS : Aeronautical Message Handling Service
AMI : Administrative and Management Information Software
AMID : Approach Multi-Input Device (ODID)
AMJ : Advisory Material Joint
AML (WP) : Airfield Markings and Lighting (Working Party)
AMN : Airspace Management and Navigation (EATM Unit)
AMOC : ATFM Air Traffic Flow Management
AMOC : ATFM Modelling Capability
AMOS : ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support organisation
AMPS : American Mobile Phone System
AMS : Aeronautical Mobile Service (8.33 User Guide)
AMS : Airspace Management Service
AMS : ATC Model-Simulations Studies
AMS(R)S : Aeronautical Mobile Satellite (Route) Service *
AMSC : Allied Military Security Code
AMSL : Above Mean Sea Level
AMSS : Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Services
AMSS : Aeronautical Mobile Satellite System
AMSS : Automatic Message Switching System
AMSSP : Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service Panel
AMT : ADS Mediterranean Trials
AMTI : Adaptive Moving Target Indicator
AN : Access Node (RMCDE)
ANA : Aeroportos e Navegaçao Aérea (PT)
ANA-EP : Aeroportos e Navegaçao Aérea Empresa Pública (PT)
ANC : Access Network Computer (RADNET)
ANC : Air Navigation Commission / Conference (ICAO)
ANCAT : Abatement of Nuisances Caused by Air Transport (ECAC environmental policy committee (ENV : AL)
ANDRA : Advanced Node for Data Relay in ATN
ANDS : ANS Department
ANERC : Advanced New En-Route Centre (UK)
ANM : ATFM Notification Message (CFMU / ECAC States)
ANOVA : Analysis of Variance
ANP : Air Navigation Plan
ANPP : Air Navigation Plan Publication
ANS : Air Navigation Service
ANS/CR : Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic
ANSA : International Advisory Group Air Navigation Services
ANSEP : Air Navigation Services Economics Panel (ICAO) / Groupe d'experts sur l'économie des services de navigation aérienne (F)
ANSI : American National Standards Institute
ANSO : Air Navigation Services Offices (Irish aviation authority)
ANSP : Air Navigation Service Provider
ANT : Airspace and Navigation Team
AO : Aircraft Operator (IFPS)
AO : Airlines Operator
AO : Arrival Operations
AO : ATM Operations
AOA : Aircraft Operating Agency (e.g. Airlines)
AOB : Air Order of Battle
AOB : Angle of Bank
AOC : Advanced Operational Capability (EGNOS)
AOC : Aeronautical Operational Communications
AOC : Aircraft Operating Company
AOC : Aircraft Operations Centre (ICAO)
AOC : Airline Operation Control
AOC : Assume of Control (ODID)
AOC : Auxiliary Output Chip
AOC : Aeronautical Operational Control
AOC : Air Operator's Certificate / Certificat de transporteur aérien (F)
AOC : Airline Operational Communications
AOCI : Airport Operators Council International
AOCP : Airborne Operational Computer Programme
AOF : AIS Office (EAD)
AOF : Allocation of Functions
AOI : Aircraft Operations Information
AOI : Area of Operational Interest
AOI : AIS Office
AOIS : Aeronautical Operational Information System
AOM : Aircraft Operations Manual
AOP : Aeronautical OSI Profile
AOPA : Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations
AOPG : Aerodrome Operations Group (ICAO) / Groupe sur l'exploitation technique des aérodromes (F)
AOPTF : Aerodrome Operations Task Force
AOR : Area of Responsibility
AOR : Atlantic Ocean Region (ICAO)
AOR-E : Atlantic Ocean Region - East (ICAO)
AORTF : ATM Added Functionality Operational Requirements Task Force
AOR-W : Atlantic Ocean Region - West (ICAO)
AOS : Airport Operations Strategy Drafting Group
AOT : Airport Operations Team
AOU : Aircraft Operator Unit (CFMU)
AOWIR : Aircraft Operator What-If Re-routing / Outil de Simulation des Réacheminements destiné aux exploitants d'aéronefs (F)
AOWP : Airport Operations Work Plan
AP : Auto-Pilot
AP : Application Process
APANPIRG : Asia/Pacific Air Navigation Planning and Implementation Regional Group
APAPI : Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator
APAS : Actions de promotion d'accompagnement et de soutien (STAR) (F)
APATSI : Airport / Air Traffic Systems Interface (ECAC)
APB : APATSI Project Board
APC : Aeronautical Passenger Communications / Correspondence
APC : Aeronautical Public Correspondence
APC : Assistant Planning Controller
APD : Activity Predictor Display
APDLC : Aircraft Proximity Data Link Communication (ICAO)
APDSG : ATM Procedures Development Sub-Group
APE : Analysis Programme for Evaluation
API : Application Programming Interface (ODS)
APIRG : Africa-Indian Ocean Planning and Implementation Regional Group (ICAO)
APL : Abbreviated Flight Plan (IFPS)
APL : Applied Physics Laboratory
APL : ATC Flight Plan
APM : Architecture Project Management
APMB : ACAS Programme Management Board
APO : Airport Operator
APO : Aircraft Performance and Operations
APOD : Airport of Debarkation
APP : Approach Centre / Control
APP controller/director : Approach controller/director
App. : Appendix
APPA-SG : ATFM Policies and Principles Advisory Sub-Group
APP-ASS : Approach-Assistant
APR : Automatic Position Reporting
APS : Approach Control Surveillance
APSG : ACAS Programme Steering Group
APT : Airport(s)
APT : Airspace Planning Team (EATCHIP) became ANT (March 94)
APU : Auxiliary Power Unit
APW : Area Proximity Warning
AQAP : Allied Quality Assurance Publication
AQG : Agency Quality Group
AQP : Advanced Qualification Programme
A-QPSK : Aviation Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
AR : Agency Representative (CIP)
AR : Air Route
AR : Automatic Reminder
AR-1 : Approach Radar 1
ARB : Authoritative Representative Body
ARC 2000 : Automatic Radar Control for the 21st Century (CEE)
ARC : Airlift Requirement Centre
arc : assigned rate of climb/descent
ARC : Advanced Research for/in Air Traffic Control
ARCC : Air Rescue Co-ordination Centre
ARCH : Archives and Quality Control System (CFMU)
ARCID : Aircraft Identification (CFMU)
ARCOS : Arrival Co-ordination System (D)
ARCP : Air Refuelling Control Point
ARDEP : Analysis / Assessment of Research and Development in Eurocontrol Programmes
ARDRS : Automatic Radar Data Recording System
ARDS : ATM Architecture and overall system engineering
ARETA : ATM with RNAV in Extended Terminal Area
ARFA : Allied Radio Frequency Agency
ARH : Architecture
ARIBA : ATM system safety criticality Raised Issues in Balancing Actors Responsibility
ARINC : Aeronautical Radio Incorporated (USA)
ARINC 306 : Guidance For Designers Of Aircraft- Electronic Installations
ARINC 307 : Aircraft Integrated Data System Wire Bundle Provisions
ARINC 404A : Air Transport Equipment Cases And Racking
ARINC 406A : Airborne Electronic Equipment
ARINC 408A : Air Transport Indicator Cases And Mounting
ARINC 413A : Guidance For Aircraft Power Utilisation And Transient Protection
ARINC 414 : General Guidance For Equipment And Installation Engineers
ARINC 415 : Operation/Technical Guidelines On Failure Warning and Functional Test
ARINC 419 : Digital Data System Compendium
ARINC 421 : Guidance For Standard Subdivision of ATA Spec 100 Numbering System for Avionics
ARINC 422 : Guidance For Modification Status Indicators & Avionics Service Bulletins
ARINC 424 : Navigation System Data Base *
ARINC 429 : Mark 33 Digital Information Transfer System
ARINC 528 : Airborne Tape Recorder
ARINC 533A : Airborne HF SSB/AM System
ARINC 541 : Airborne Magnetic Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 542 : Airborne Oscillograph Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 542A : Digital Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 551 : Airborne Glide Slope Receiver - Mark 2
ARINC 557 : Airborne Voice Recorder
ARINC 559A : Mark 2 Airborne HF SSB/AM System
ARINC 561 : Air Transport Inertial Navigation System - INS
ARINC 566 : Airborne VHF Communications Transceiver And Mark 1 VHF SATCOM System
ARINC 566A : Mark 3 VHF Communications Transceiver
ARINC 569 : Airborne Distance Measuring Equipment
ARINC 569 : Heading and Altitude Sensor (HAS)
ARINC 571 : Inertial Reference System (INS)
ARINC 572 : Mark 2 Air Traffic Control Transponder
ARINC 573 : Aircraft Integrated Data System (AIDS) Mark 2
ARINC 574 : Passenger Announcement, Entertainment & Service Multiplex System
ARINC 575 : Mark 3 Subsonic Air Data System (Digital)
ARINC 576 : Mark 4 Subsonic Air Data System
ARINC 577 : Audible Warning System
ARINC 578 : Airborne ILS Receiver
ARINC 579 : Airborne VOR Receiver
ARINC 585 : Electronic Chronometer System
ARINC 591 : Quick Access Recorder For Aids System (OAR)
ARINC 592 : Airborne Passenger Tape Record
ARINC 594 : Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
ARINC 595 : Barometric Altitude Rate Computer
ARINC 596 : Mark 2 Airborne SELCAL System
ARINC 597 : Aircraft Communications Addressing And Reporting System (ACARS)
ARINC 597A : Enhanced ACARS Avionics
ARINC 59MA : Airborne Announcement Tape Reproducer
ARINC 600 : Air Transport Avionics Equipment Interfaces
ARINC 601 : Control/Display Interfaces
ARINC 602 : Test Equipment Guidance
ARINC 602A : Test Equipment Guidance
ARINC 603 : Airborne Computer Data Loader
ARINC 604 : Guidance For Design And Use Of built-In Test Equipment (BITE)
ARINC 605 : Users Guide For ARINC 616 Avionics Subset Of ATLAS Language
ARINC 606 : Guidance For Electrostatic Sensitive Device Utilisation & Protection, Sup. 1
ARINC 608 : Standard Modular Avionics Repair And Test System (SMART)
ARINC 609 : Design Guidance For Aircraft Electrical Power Systems
ARINC 610 : Guidance For Design and Integration of Aircraft Avionics Equipment In Simulators, Supplement 1
ARINC 611 : Guidance For The Design and Installation Of Fuel Quantity Systems, Sup. 1
ARINC 612 : BITE Glossary
ARINC 613 : Guidance for Using the Ada Programming Language in Avionics Systems
ARINC 614 : Standard Firmware Loader For Avionics Shops
ARINC 615 : Airborne Computer High Speed Data Loader, Supplement 3
ARINC 616 : Avionics Subset of ATLAS Language
ARINC 620 : Data Link Ground System Standard And Interface Specification
ARINC 624 : Design Guidance For Onboard Maintenance System
ARINC 626 : Standard ATLAS For Modular Test
ARINC 627 : Programmers Guide For Smart Systems Using ARINC 626 ATLAS
ARINC 629 : Multi Tester Data Bus : Part 1 - Technical Description
ARINC 629 : Multi-Transmitter Data Bus
ARINC 631 : Aviation Packet Communications Functional Description
ARINC 651 : Design Guidance For Integrated Modular Electronics
ARINC 659 : Backplane Data Bus for Integrated Modular Avionics
ARINC 701 : Flight Control Computer System
ARINC 702 : Flight Management Computer, Supplement 4 & 5
ARINC 703 : Thrust Control Computer
ARINC 704 : Inertial Reference System, Supplement 6
ARINC 705 : Altitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
ARINC 706 : Subsonic Air Data System
ARINC 707 : Radio Altimeter, Supplement 6
ARINC 708 : Airborne Weather Radar
ARINC 709 : Airborne Distance Measuring Equipment, Supplement 8
ARINC 709A : Precision Airborne Distance Measuring Equipment
ARINC 710  : Mark 2 Airborne ILS Receiver
ARINC 711 : Mark 2 Airborne VOR Receiver
ARINC 714 : Mark 3 Airborne SELCAL Systems
ARINC 715 : Airborne Passenger Address Amplifier
ARINC 716 : Airborne VHF Communications Transceiver
ARINC 717 : Flight Data Acquisition And Recording System
ARINC 718 : Mark 3 ATC Transponder
ARINC 719 : Airborne HF/SSB System
ARINC 720 : Digital Frequency/Function Selection for Airborne
ARINC 722 : Electronic Equipment Protection Video System
ARINC 723 : Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS)
ARINC 724 : Mark 2 Aircraft Communications
ARINC 724A : Mark 2 ACARS Avionics
ARINC 724B : Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS)
ARINC 725 : Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIS)
ARINC 726 : Flight Warning Computer System
ARINC 727 : Airborne Microwave Landing System
ARINC 728 : Avionics Refrigeration and Cooling System (ARCS)
ARINC 729 : Analog And Discrete Data Converter System
ARINC 730 : Airborne Separator Assurance System
ARINC 731 : Electronic Chronometer
ARINC 732 : Mark 2 Airborne Passenger Audio Entertainment Tape Reproducer, Supplement 1
ARINC 735 : Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), Supplement 1
ARINC 737 : On Board Weight and Balance System. Supplement 1
ARINC 738 : Air Data and Inertial Reference System (ADIRS)
ARINC 739 : Multi-Purpose Control and Display Unit
ARINC 740 : Multiple-Input Cockpit Printer
ARINC 7411P2 : Aviation Satellite Communication System : Part 2 - Satellite Design
ARINC 741P1 : Aviation Satellite Communication System : Part I- Aircraft Installation Provisions
ARINC 741P4 : Aviation Satellite Communications System : Part 4 - Specification and Description Language
ARINC 742 : Design Guidance For Windshear Warning and Guidance Equipment
ARINC 743 : Airborne Global Positioning System Receiver
ARINC 744 : Full Format Printer
ARINC 745 : Automatic Dependent Surveillance, Supplement 1
ARINC 746 : Cabin Communications System, Supplement 1
ARINC 747 : Flight Data Recorder
ARINC 748 : Communications Management Unit (CMU)
ARINC 750 : VHF Data Radio (VDR)
ARINC 751 : Gate-Aircraft Terminal Environment Link (Gatelink) - Aircraft Side
ARINC 752 : TFTS Airborne Radio Sub-System
ARINC 753 : HF Data Link System
ARINC 757 : Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
ARINC539A : Airborne 400 Hz AC Tape Reproducer
ARLO : Air Liaison Officer
ARM : ADS Report Message
ARM : Air Request Message
ARM : Anti Radiation Missile
ARM : Armenia
ARMATS : State Closed Joint-Stock Company of Armenian Air Traffic Services
ARN : ATS Routes and Associated Navigation Means
ARN-1 (Table) : Basic ATS Route Network in the Lower and Upper Airspace
ARN-2 (Table) : Radio Navigation Aids Associated with the Basic ATS Route Network Terminal Area and Instrument Approach Procedures
ARN-V2 : ATS Route Network - Version 2 (ECAC, EATM)
ARN-V3 : ATS Route Network - Version 3 (ECAC, EATM)
ARO : Air Traffic Service Reporting Office
ARP : Aerodrome Reference Point / Aerospace Recommended Practice
ARP : Automated Route Planning
ARPA : Advanced Research Project Agency
ARQ : Automatic Request Repeat / Automatic Response to Query
ARR : Arrival Message
ARR SP : Arrival Sequence Planner
ARS : Aeronautical Radio Navigation Service
ARS : Avoidance Routing Scheme
ARSC : Air Rescue Sub Centre
ARSR : Air Route Surveillance Radar * (USA)
ART : Analysis and Replay Tool
ARTAS : Air Traffic Management Surveillance Tracker and Server System / Système de poursuite et serveur radar ATM (F)
ARTCC : Air Route Traffic Control Centre (USA)
Artemis : An ESA experimental telecommunications satellite hosting an EGNOS navigation transponder
ARTES-9 : Advanced Research in Telecommunication Systems
ARTS : Area Radar Training Squadron (USA)
ARTS : Automated Radar Terminal System
ARU : Airspace Reservation Unit
ARYM : Ancienne République Yougoslave de Macédoine (F)
AS : Airspeed
AS : Airspace
AS, A-S : Anti-Spoofing
ASA : Aircraft Situation Awareness
ASA : Automated Support to ATC
ASA : Automatic Slot Assignment
ASA System : Automatic Slot Assignment System
ASAP : Aircraft Separation Assurance Programme
ASAP : As soon as possible / practicable
ASARS : Air Surveillance Airborne Radar System
ASAS : Airborne Separation Assurance System / Système de garantie de séparation des vols (F)
ASC : Ascending
ASCAP : Automatic SSR Code Assignment Procedure
ASCB : Avionics Standard Communication Bus
ASCII : American Standard Code for Information Interchange / Exchange
ASCOT : Airport Slots Compliance Tools
ASDA : Accelerate Stop Distance Available
ASDAR : Aircraft to Satellite Data Relay
ASDE : Airport Surface Detection Equipment
ASD-TF : Air Situation Display Task Force
ASE : Agence Spatiale Européenne (F)
ASE : Altimetry System Error
ASE : Application Service Element
ASECNA : Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar
ASEP : ACCS Surveillance Exploratory Prototype (NATO / SHAPE)
ASHTAM : NOTAM relating to volcanic and/or dust activity (ICAO)
ASI : Aerospace Sciences Inc.
ASI : Asia Region (ICAO)
ASIC : Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASM : Ad-hoc Schedule Message (CFMU)
ASM : AirSpace Management
ASMAC : Automated System for Management of Aeronautical Information and Charting
ASMC : Airspace Management Communications
ASMGCS : Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems
ASMI : Airport Surface Movement Indicator
ASMT : ATM Safety Monitoring Tool / Instrument de Contrôle de la Sécurité de l'ATM (F)
ASMTF : Airspace Management Task Force
ASN : Abstract Syntax Notation
ASN 1 : Abstract Syntax Notation One
ASNO : Approach Sequence Number
ASO : Air Surveillance Officer
ASOC : Air Sovereignty Operations Centre
ASOC : Army Support Operations Centre
ASOP : Airspace Organisation and Procedures
ASP : Adjustable System Parameter (ODS)
ASP : Aeronautical Fixed Service Systems Planning for Data Interchange Panel
ASP : Air Space
ASP : AIRCOM Service Processor (SITA)
ASP : Arrival Sequence Planner
asp : assigned speed
ASPP : Aeronautical Fixed Service Systems Planning for Data Interchange Panel
ASQF : Application Specific Qualification Facility (part of EGNOS)
ASR : Airport Surveillance Radar (TAR)
ASRS : Aviation Safety Reporting System
ASRT : Air Support Radar Team
ASSR : Assigned SSR code (FPPS/DECADE)
ASTA : Airport Surface Traffic Automation
ASTER : Aviation Safety Targets for Effective Regulation
ASTERIX : All-purpose Structured Eurocontrol Radar Information Exchange.
ASTP : ADS Studies and Trials Project
ASW : Anti Submarine Warfare
ASW : Air Situation Window
AT : Actual Time Count Down
AT : Air Transport
AT : At Time
AT : Austria, Republic of Austria
ATA : Actual Time of Arrival
ATA : Air Transport Association (of America)
ATAC : Airspace Traffic Data Capture
ATAF : Allied Tactical Air Force / Force Aérienne Tactique (=FATA) (F)
ATAFF : Air Traffic Arbitrated Free Flight
ATAG : Air Transport Action Group
ATAR : Automatic Air Reporting
ATARS : Automatic Traffic Avoidance and Resolution System
ATAS : Air Traffic Advisory Service
ATC : Air Traffic Control / Contrôle de la circulation aérienne
ATCA : Air Traffic Control Association (US)
ATCA : Allied Tactical Communications Agency
ATCA : Air Traffic Control Assistant
ATCAP : Air Traffic Control Automation Panel (ICAO)
ATCAS : (Sweden) ATC Automated System
ATCC : Air Traffic Control Centre / Centre de Contrôle de la Circulation Aérienne
ATCC : Air Traffic Control Clearance
ATCEUC : Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Co-ordination
ATCgram : Illustration in graph form of the main functional levels of ATC systems
ATC-HMI : Air Traffic Control Human Machine Interface
ATCI : Airport ATC and Information systems
ATCO : Air Traffic Controller or Air Traffic Control Officer / Contrôleur de la Circulation Aérienne (F)
ATCRBS : Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System
ATCRU : Air Traffic Control Radar Unit
ATCS : Air Traffic Control Service / Service du Contrôle du Trafic Aérien (=SCTA) (F)
ATCSQ : ATC Safety Questionnaire
ATCU : Air Traffic Control Unit
ATD : Actual Time of Departure
ATD : Along Track Distance
ATDS : Airborne Tactical Data System
ATE : Automatic Test Equipment
ATFC : Air Traffic Flow Controller
ATFM : Air Traffic Flow Management / Gestion des courants de trafic aérien (F)
ATFMC : Air Traffic Flow Management Communications
ATFMO : Air Traffic Flow Management Organisation
ATFMP : Air Traffic Flow Management Position (CFMU)
ATFMS : Air Traffic Flow Management System
ATFMU : Air Traffic Flow Management Unit
ATFR : Air Traffic Flow Regulator
ATG : Air Traffic Generator
ATI : Automatic Tracking Initiation
ATIC : Administrative and Technical Inspection Committee (Agency structure) / Mission d'Inspection administrative et technique (=MIAT) (F)
ATIF : ATN Trials Infrastructure
ATILO : Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour Organisation / Tribunal Administratif de l'Organisation internationale du Travail (=TAOIT) (F)
ATIS : Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATLAS : Air Traffic Land and Air Study [or Airborne Systems] (European Commission)
ATM : Air Traffic Management + ... Message / Gestion de la circulation aérienne.
ATM : Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM 2000+ : Eurocontrol ATM Strategy for the Years 2000+
ATMAS : Air Traffic Management Automated System (It. ATFM)
ATMC : Air Traffic Management Centre
ATMCP : ATM Operational Concept Panel (ICAO)
ATMCT : Air Terminal Movement Control Team Centre (NATS UK)
ATMG : Air Traffic Management Group
ATMO : Air Traffic Management Organisation
ATMOS : Air Traffic Management Operating System
ATMS : Advanced Air Traffic Management System
ATN : Aeronautical Telecommunication Network
ATN RD : Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Routing Domain
ATN RDC : Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Routing Domain Confederation
ATNC : ATN and Communication Architecture
ATNI : Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Internet
ATNP : Aeronautical Telecommunication Network Panel (ICAO)
ATNSI : ATN System Inc. (US)
ATO : Actual Time Overhead of Overflying (CFMU - CASA)
ATO : Airborne Traffic Observation
ATOC : Allied Tactical Operations Centre
ATOPS : Advanced Transport Operating System
ATOT : Actual Take Off Time (CFMU)
ATRAC : Air Navigation Services Employee Training Concept
ATRACC : ATC System for Riga Area Control Centre
ATRK : Alone Track Error
ATS : Air Traffic Services
ATSA : Air traffic Services Authority (Bulgaria &Croatia)
AT-SAT : Air Traffic Selection and Training (USA)
ATSC : Air Traffic Services Communications
ATSD : Air Traffic Situation Display
ATSEP : Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel
ATSIS : Air Traffic Services Investigation System
ATSN : Air Traffic Service Network
ATSO : Air Traffic Services Operator
ATSORA : Air Traffic Services Outside Regulated Airspace
ATSP : Air Traffic Service Providers
ATSSD : ATS Standards Department
ATSU : Air Traffic Service Unit
ATSup : Air Traffic Supervisor
ATT : Along Track Tolerance
ATT : Attitude Indicator
ATWR : Apron TWR
ATZ : Aerodrome Traffic Zone
AU : Arbitrary Unit
Aud : Audio aids
AUP : Airspace Use Plan
AUS : Airspace Utilisation Service
AUSTRO CONTROL : Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zivilluftfahrt mbH (AT)
AUTOCAD : Automatic Computer Aided Design
AutoNav : Auto-Navigation
AUTOVON : Automatic Voice Network
AV : Audio-visual aids
A-VASIS : Advanced Visual Approach Slope Indicator System
AVENUE : ATM Validation Environment for Use towards EATMS
AVI : Audio/Video Interleaved
AVNET : Assitenza al Volo Network (IT)
AVOL : Aerodrome Visibility Operational Level
AVPAC : Aviation VHF Packet Communications
AW : Area Width
AW : Aerial Work
AW/P : Active Way Point
AWACS : Airborne Warning and Control System / Système de détection aéroporté (=SDA) (F)
AWIR : Automatically generated What-If Re-routing / Outil de Simulation Automatique des Réacheminements
AWOG : All Weather Operations Group
AWOP : All Weather Operations Panel (ICAO)
AWOS : Automatic Weather Observing System
AWP : Ancillary Working Position
AWP : Arrival Waypoint
AWX : All Weather
AWY : Airway
AZ : Aerodrome zone
AZ : Azerbaijan (ISO countries Codes)
AZERTY : (arrangement of keys on keyboard, French style)